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The online Romanian language course with a native Romanian teacher - First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit, develops pronunciation and fluency in Romanian for more confidence in everyday communication situations. From A1 - Beginner to C1 - Advanced.

Just starting off? After the 3-rd lesson you will be able to introduce yourself. After the 16-th lesson you will be able to carry a 15-minute conversation with a Romanian native speaker.

Robert Hadley, Vice President - Royal Bank of Scotland

"Showing an interest in learning Romanian is a good step to start with when getting aquainted with the culture and people. Accesis has delivered these Romanian Language courses at the highest level of expertise.”

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  • Philippe Chabert , General Manager, Bank Nationale Paris (BNP Paribas)
  • "I’m expressing my statisfaction with regard to the contents of the Romanian Language course «First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit» delivered by Accesis and I recommend it to every foreign learner. I have attended this course and I appreciate its flexibility and the fact it was adapted to my work and my communication with our employees."  

Ivana Kvakova, Finance Manager - Business Lease

“Based on my experience with the Romanian language course "First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit" provided to me and our company starting this year by Accesis and specifically my trainer Ms Miriam Cretu, I would like to hereby give my recommendation as the course has provided me so far with the basic vocabulary and grammar knowledge I need to tackle basic everyday situations in Romania.  

  • Furthermore, the trainer I was provided is very attentive, adjusts the speed and focus of the lessons to my needs and I am also happy with the form and the quantity of the materials provided. Lastly, I appreciate the flexibility of both Accesis and the trainer in adjusting the timing/quantity of the lessons depending on my busy schedule.”

Is it hard to learn Romanian? We believe not, especially if you already speak French, Spanish, Italian or English.

There is a paradox of the Romanian language. Unlike English (where it might be a good idea to start learning by yourself with online apps) Romanian has a different story to it: due to its inflexions, it gets easier as you advance. Being hard to find your way in the beginning, you might get demotivated if you start studying by yourself.

As you start learning the language, you will get best results if you have a personal guide - your teacher. As you advance towards the A2-B1-B2 levels learning Romanian gets to be fast, easy and pleasant.

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First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit

Online Lessons and Interactive Practice with a Native Romanian Teacher

Learn Romanian online with a teacher - from anywhere in the world. (levels A1 to C1)
You will get to work with a native teacher and meet international colleagues from all over the world;

Your teacher will use : interactive whiteboard, dynamic sessions, free dialogue sessions, language competitions, testing competitions, lots of energy and interactive practice!

You will notice that our innovative blended learning methods make a big difference when you aim to achieve fluency in Romanian.

  • Learn from wherever you are in the world
  • 2-4 lessons per week, 90 minutes each, modules of 16 sessions (2 months)
  • Small groups of 3-6 participants
  • 4 payment solutions
  • Free oral assessment when booking a place
  • We recommend using headphones and making sure you have a fast and secure internet connection.
  • You can log in to the course sessions via Skype or Zoom from your phone and /or your computer.
  • To book a seat, feel free to contact us right now:
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First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit (one-to-one)

Private Course with a Tailored Plan

It’s our experience that beginners (of any subject) are best taught in a 1:1 class or 1:2 situation. The private course is a good choice for you if:

  • You have a busy schedule
  • You want to study at your own pace, on your own schedule
  • If your schedule doesn't allow you to attend the group course regularly
  • If you are not willing to study in a group

The one-to-one course offers you the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world using dynamic, fun activities and interactive methods while studying freely outside the class environment.

Write to us and you will be contacted by an Educational Advisor who will create the best program for you. You will discuss about your Romanian language level, your needs and goals, your budget and we will determine the best training option for you.

  • 2-4 lessons per week, 90 minutes each, modules of 16 sessions; 1 level is 2 series x 16 sessions
  • prices starting at 24 eur/1.5 hrs session (depending on the chosen frequency )
  • You can log in to class sessions via Skype or Zoom both from your phone and your computer.

What could be more enjoyable than learning Romanian with a native teacher?

Studying Romanian with a native teacher gives you the greatest chance to start speaking at the outset; having a smooth start will make you fall in love with the Romanian language and help you understand our ancient cultural heritage in all its splendour.

The pronunciation and lexicon of the Romanian language, as well as the grammar, have many similarities with Italian, French and Spanish and are easy for most English speakers due to its base of common root words. Learning Romanian is easy when you have the right guide.

Sign up for a Romanian language course for a new learning experience! Write to us on office [@]

There are 23 million native Romanian speakers and roughly 4 million people speaking Romanian as a second language. Romanian is the official language of Romania and Moldova, the two having only slight differences in pronounciation and accent.

Matilde Cravario - Italy

"Since I came to Bucharest my son Angelo had German lessons with Accesis and he improved his German. He had two different teachers and it was a very good experience with both. Luciana was the teacher for all this year and she was able to motivate my son Angelo during the lessons. Angelo enjoyed a lot the lessons and his German level grew up a lot.  

I also began to study Romanian with Cristiana one of the teachers from the school and I'm very happy. Cristiana is very good and professional. She motivates me and helps me to learn the Romanian that I need. Her lessons are interesting and after few months I can apply in my daily life what I learned with her. The quality of the vocabulary in the lessons is very good. I can do conversation in Romanian and that is great! Cristiana was always on time and she explained very well the grammar rules. I recommend Accesis languages courses"

Roy Ritter - Israel

“As I am an Israeli planning business in Romania, I followed a short intensive course with Accesis for beginners. I was provided a book with exercises and the teacher brought a range of materials and flashcards cards for us to use. The intensive course helped me understand and express myself and get around in Bucharest.

When you don't have time you can find learning a new language difficult but my teacher was friendly, encouraging and very well organized so learning was pleasant.

I warmly recommend Accesis for Romanian classes.”

Customised lesson design according to your level (from A1 to C1) to help you develop your fluency in Romanian.

Learn vocabulary and grammar in each lesson by practicing with your native teacher with materials, exercises and dynamic games, interactive whiteboard, visual boards, flashcards, HD videos, video quizzes, then practice through interactive exercises and tests.

Evaluate, practice and improve your pronunciation and writing with the Accesis ERF method. Whether you are just starting out - and want to take a Romanian language course for beginners (level A1) or you are already a speaker (levels A2-B2) you can enroll in our online Romanian language courses with a native teacher.


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We start with a free assessment that will help us determine your current language level. If you are a beginner this will not be necessary.

If you opt for private lessons, we will create a learning plan that will help you achieve fluency in no time.

Send us an e-mail with your questions: office[@]


Choose course type: private or group

You can opt for one-to-one sessions where the teacher will help you to progress at the pace that suits you best, using only the exercises that are most suitable for you.

Group classes gives you the opportunity to meet new people with the same language purposes, learn at a more relaxed pace and study without feeling like you are making an effort.



In the beginning of the course you will receive an overview of the lessons (the course plan).

The practice with your Romanian teacher will give you - lesson by lesson - a strong confidence to use your newly learned Romanian language structures in everyday situations.

You will learn how to introduce yourself and socialize with native Romanian speakers, talk about yourself and your hobbies and many useful topics appropriate for your language level and interests.


Get Your Certificate

If you want a diploma to prove your Romanian language level, come get it from us. You can register for a Romanian language assessment and receive your diploma within 48 hours.

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