First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit


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  • -1 session = 1.5 hrs/ 2 sessions/week -


Cost: 22 eur/hour*

Tailor-made classes designed to meet your specific time requirements and pace of learning.


Cost: 260 eur/32 hours

For 2-4 people with similar language skills. This type of course allows for more a wider range of interactive activities, making the course more dynamic.


Cost: 225 eur/32 hours

Groups of minimum 5, maximum 8 participants to help you practice all language skills: speaking, listening, reading , writing.

  • Schedule: upon request
  • Down payment: 8 sessions
  • Second package of 32 hrs: 3% discount
  • Latest date for payment: 1 day before starting date 
  • Cancellation policy: 24 hour prior notice
  • *Discounts for online courses (please enquire)
  • Schedule: 9.30-11.30/ 14:15 - 16:15/ 16.15-18.15. Mon, Wed
  • Second package of 32 hrs: 3% discount
  • Latest date of payment: 3 days before starting date 
  • Cancellation policy/session: 24 hour prior notice, for class reschedule.
  • Schedule: 9.30-11.30/ 14:15 - 16:15/ 16.15-18.15. Tues, Thurs
  • Second package of 32 hrs: 3% discount
  • Latest date for payment: 3 days before starting date 
  • Refund policy/session: in case you can't show up to a class, the fee cannot be refunded.

Group Start Dates: 

  • January 22-nd
  • March 16-th
  • May 12-th

  • Summer Courses: July-August
  • September 7-th
  • November 2-nd

Support Languages: English, German, French, Spanish

A virtual journey through Romania: Culture, Language and Life

Once enrolled in the training, you will also start an e-journey through Romania's culture that will transform the course into a complete learning experience.

  • Mon-Fri - 3 hrs/day 
  •  9.30-12.30 / 15.00-18.00

Romanian Language and Culture Summer School, Brașov (July - August)

Accesis organizes the yearly Romanian Language and Culture Summer School for 12 days between July - August (date will be established in June) in Brașov, Romania. The program includes morning and afternoon Romanian language immerssion classes, cultural activities, film screenings and social parties. All participants will sit a final test and will be granted a language Certificate indicating the language level they achieved.

Upon signing up, you will receive the Summer School Curriculum and organization details: how to reach Brasov the couse location, transportation and cheap alternatives to regular transportation, visa & other details.

Basic Package: Morning activities & social parties

  • Romanian language classes: 3 hours/ day (except Sundays) (9:30 to 12:30) 
  • 2 Social Parties, dinner included

295 eur/ pers 

Silver Package: Morning activities, immerssion classes & social parties

  • Romanian language classes: 3 hours/ day (except Sundays) (9:30 to 12:30) 
  • 8 hours immersion courses, 4 days, 16.00 to 18.00 PM
  • 2 Social Parties, dinner included

345 eur/ pers

Gold Package: all Silver Package activities + Cultural Activities 

  • Brașov City Center guided tour
  • Bran Castle guided tour (English speaking guide)
  • trip to Poiana Brașov
  • 2 social parties, dinner included

385 eur/pers

  • Accomodation not included 
  • Refund policy: see below
  • Course withdrawal & cancellation policy: see below
  • Accomodation not included
  • Refund policy: see below 
  • Course withdrawal & cancellation policy: see below
  • Accomodation not included
  • Refund policy: see below 
  • Course withdrawal & cancellation policy: see below


  • For accommodation conditions and bookings please contact us: 021-795-3414. 
  • Alternatively you can reach directly to for best hotel deals or for more than 1,543 hosts in Brașov and chose a location that best fits your needs. We recommend chosing a place that is close to the the Summer Language Program location: Eroilor Blvd.

Course withdrawal & cancellation policy for the Summer Courses:

  • 2 months in advance: we will refund 80% of the course/ reservation fee, 20% administrative charge 
  • 1 (one) week before the course start date: we will refund 60% of the course fee / reservation fee, 40% administrative charge 
  • No credits are reimbursed after the course starting date.

Support Language: English

Payment methods 

  • in cash at our headquarters in lei (RON), at the National Bank Rate from the payment day 
  • PayPal transfer 
  • bank transfer in euros 
  • bank transfer in lei (RON)  
  • by credit card (euros via PayPal) 

The applicants will pay all fees & charges related to the money transfer.


Accesis blended learning method, ERF (examples, repetition, feedback) is based on conversation and communication activities followed by comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises according to the Common European Reference Levels

  • BEGINNERS: (A1, A2 levels) develops basic communication skills on Romanian language. You will learn basic grammar, everyday phrases and words and basic grammar notions. Express routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Describe in simple terms aspects of their background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need
  • INTERMEDIATE (B1 level) you will learn to communicate about familiar topics, describing feelings, emotions and impressions, read and understand various texts, write e-mails. You will get to understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure. You will be able to deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where the language is spoken: describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
  • UPPER INTERMEDIATE (B2, C1 levels) you will learn complex expressions and will be able to develop spontaneous conversations on various topics, understand complex articles and spoken Romanian. You will be able to interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party.

The instructors are experienced teachers and authors of Romanian academic language courses and manuals.

Here's what our clients have to say

  • “Based on my experience with the Romanian language course "First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit" provided to me and our company starting this year by Accesis and specifically my trainer Ms Miriam Cretu, I would like to hereby give my recommendation as the course has provided me so far with the basic vocabulary and grammar knowledge I need to tackle basic everyday situations in Romania.  
  • Furthermore, the trainer I was provided is very attentive, adjusts the speed and focus of the lessons to my needs and I am also happy with the form and the quantity of the materials provided. Lastly, I appreciate the flexibility of both Accesis and the trainer in adjusting the timing/quantity of the lessons depending on my busy schedule.”  
  •   Ivana Kvakova – Finance Manager, Business Lease

Showing an interest in learning Romanian is a good step to start with when getting aquainted with the culture and people. Accesis has delivered these Romanian Language courses at the highest level of expertise.”

Robert Hadley, Vice President, Royal Bank of Scotland

"I’m expressing my statisfaction with regard to the contents of the Romanian Language course «First 100 Days Romanian Survival Kit» delivered by Accesis and I recommend it to every foreign learner. I have attended this course and I appreciate its flexibility and the fact it was adapted to my work and my communication with our employees."  

Philippe Chabert , General Manager, BNP Paribas  

"Since I came to Bucharest my son Angelo had German lessons with Accesis and he improved his German. He had two different teachers and it was a very good experience with both. Luciana was the teacher for all this year and she was able to motivate my son Angelo during the lessons. Angelo enjoyed a lot the lessons and his German level grew up a lot.  

I also began to study Romanian with Cristiana one of the teachers from the school and I'm very happy. Cristiana is very good and professional. She motivates me and helps me to learn the Romanian that I need. Her lessons are interesting and after few months I can apply in my daily life what I learned with her. The quality of the vocabulary in the lessons is very good. I can do conversation in Romanian and that is great! Christiana was always on time and she explained very well the grammar rules. I recommend Accesis languages courses"

Matilde Cravario, Italy

As I am an Israeli planning business in Romania, I followed a short intensive course with Accesis for beginners. I was provided a book with exercises and the teacher brought a range of materials and flashcards cards for us to use. The intensive course helped me understand and express myself and get around in Bucharest.

When you don't have time you can find learning a new language difficult but my teacher was friendly, encouraging and very well organized so learning was pleasant.
I warmly recommend Accesis for Romanian classes.

Roy Ritter, Israel


Temporarily courses are delivered online, in-person


BEGINNER A1 Monday, Wednesday  

  • Tuesday, Thursday
  • Call us: 021-795-3414
  • Monday to Friday 9.00- 18.00
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