• English Mastery: 322 resources and methods to speak English in record time 
  • - plus 290 free books & audiobooks -

The reason people fail in their attempts to learn English is not the lack of learning skills, as most believe, but it is largely due to a wrong language approach.

English Mastery is like a mountain guide that shows you the best approach, the best way, tells you the secrets of the mountain and the equipment you need, places where you can find shelter, what to do in times of hardship and how you can master the difficult parts of the ascent and offers all the necessary tools to those who want to continue studying English but do not feel they can do it


Whether you want to learn English for work, exams or free time, you will see that you do not have to go through a difficult journey to get to converse in English. After reading this book, you will find out:  

  • How to replace the vague hope of learning English with the acute need to learn it
  • Where to (re) start and how to get organized
  • How you can learn English even if you don't have many opportunities to use it 
  • How to get time to learn English: 8 practical ways
  • How to get rid of your emotions and talk from the beginning, even if you don't have a special talent for it and even if you make mistakes
  • How you can start talking without asking yourself "how do you say ..."
  • Grammar and vocabulary issues that you should focus on first and what to expect later
  • You have access to a simple scheme that helps you understand that English grammar has the easiest structure of all international languages. That's why it's spoken by almost two billion people, that's why it's the language of science and business around the world.
  • The mistakes that prevent you from reaching fluency and what are the solutions to them
  • Where to go to find low-cost practice with native speakers or even free practice
  • Easy ways to start conversations in English - without having to travel
  • What creative solutions you can approach if you don't feel "ready" to start speaking English

In addition, you get a list of a few hundred words in English that you already know without having the faintest idea that you already knew :)

  •  English Mastery opens a new universe and shows you in addition, the fact there are many more methods and learning materials than you thought.
  • In fact, it offers them on a platter:
  • a list of hundreds of English words you already know
  • the 100 words you need to learn to speak English after only the first 4 hours of study
  • the most common 500 words in English (at any level you are)
  • Top 100 most important words used in business English
  • 70 filler phrases that give you fluency, at any level you are (including beginner)
  • 13 phrases that will help you understand the English topic at a glance
  • 5 sites and locations where you can immediately connect with native speakers
  • 100 online audio books that you can download for free immediately (including: Balzac, Shakespeare, Borges, Ray Bradbury, Emily Bronte, Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Andersen, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Gogol, Hemingway, Jack London, Thomas Mann, Orwell, Pushkin, Rumi, Jonathan Swift, Tolstoy)
  • 190 free books from classical English literature (including: Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Paulo Coelho, William Blake, Balzac, Albert Camus, Chekhov, Isaac Asimov, Immanuel Kant, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Dante, Homer, Molière, Kafka, Darwin, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Machiavelli, Virgil, Cicero, Voltaire)
    • ...
    and many more

 The guide is for you if you are among those who

  • Feel that learning English should be a simple process and that they have the potential to speak fluently faster than they do now;
  • Are currently fluent in English but want to access resources (which they can use at any time) to improve their English level in one place, with a single click;
  • Have repeatedly started learning or studying English for years but then give up and still do not have the confidence to speak;
  • Feel stuck and fail to get through certain difficult parts of the language;
  • Have problems with pronunciation, speech, vocabulary or grammar rules and want to find solutions to these problems;
  • Do not have access or do not want to take an English language course, preferring to learn on their own;
  • Are enrolled in a course but feel that they lack something more that will awaken their understanding and potential to speak;
  • Are self-taught who also like to work with online resources;
  • Those who need an increase in motivation to start talking to others and overcome their blockages and embarrassment of speaking English;

However, English Mastery will probably not be as necessary or useful for

  • people who are intermediate - advanced to all four main English language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing;
  • those who prefer to take an English language course - English Mastery is not an English course with grammar exercises and lessons;
  • those who hope to instantly achieve fluency in English without any effort;
  • people that already have the right context to practice English or have taken every opportunity to speak English and do not need additional exercise
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